How to Get Voucher Code on Daraz

How to Get Voucher Code on Daraz


Daraz is a very popular online shopping website in Pakistan. It is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in Pakistan and has many products like electronics, mobile phones, clothing, shoes, accessories, and many more. They are offering many facilities to the customers or shoppers but not all of them are offered to you at once. So if you want those facilities then you need Daraz voucher code for getting discounts on your orders which is not available on any other sites like hot deals etc

First open Daraz app.

First, open Daraz app.

Download Daraz App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Open the app and log in with your account then go to Menu and choose My Order. Select Delivery On-Going or Delivered Order whichever you have ordered from daraz.com/pk

Type voucher code in the ‘Apply Code’ box and click Apply Code button on the top right of the page then select one by one at the time of delivery

Go to menu.

Go to menu.

Click on My Orders.

Select Order History.

On the Order History page, click on Details of the order that you want a voucher code for. The voucher code will be displayed in a pop-up box when you click Details, as shown below:

Open my order.

  • Open my order
  • Go to menu
  • Choose delivery on going or delivered order
  • Type voucher code
  • Select one by one at the time of delivery 6. Click apply code button

Choose delivery on going or delivered order.

  • Choose delivery on going or delivered the order.
  • If you are not sure how to get a voucher code on daraz, then you should know that there are two types of delivery available for your orders: delivered or ongoing.

You can choose the type of delivery that best suits your needs and preferences.

Type voucher code.

  • Type voucher code.
  • Select one by one at the time of delivery.
  • Click Apply Code button.

After applying the code any voucher number you can easily get a discount from daraz app

Select one by one at the time of delivery.

  • Select one by one at the time of delivery*. You can select one by one at the time of delivery, but if you are ordering for a large number of people or if you have some specific requirements then it is better that you make use of the “select all” button instead.

Click apply code button.

If you have the code, click on the “apply code” button and enter it. The discount should be applied to your order automatically. If the code does not work, ask for help from Daraz customer support team or leave a comment below this article with your order number and details about what went wrong.

After applying the code to any voucher number you can easily get discount from Daraz app

  • How to Get Voucher Code on Daraz

Daraz is the largest e-commerce website in Bangladesh. You can get many types of items, fashion accessories and electronics products from here. The company is running for more than 10 years now and became popular all over the country because of its great service and quality product range.

  • How to Get Discount from Daraz app?

If you want to buy anything from daraz app then you have to apply a discount coupon code before placing an order so that you can save your money while buying online through this site. There are different kinds of discount codes available such as daraz offer code, free shipping code, etc which must be entered while making payment through PayPal or credit card so that you can get maximum discount on every product or service purchased by them within just a few clicks easily without any hassle at all!


If you want to get a discount on daraz app then follow the above steps and enjoy this voucher code on daraz.

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