How to Get Free Shipping on Daraz

How to Get Free Shipping on Daraz


Daraz is one of the most used platforms when it comes to digital marketing. In the era where manual and traditional marketing has taken over all the other forms of business, the need and urge for more platforms has increased. In this wake, worldwide, there have been introduced many platforms provide digital services. As for Pakistan, Daraz is the primary source. Those who want to sell through the platform can thus register their store on the Daraz Seller Center and benefit from the service. 

Ways to get free shipping on Daraz: 

If you have chosen Daraz to get your desired products, you must also wonder if it is possible to get free shipping on Daraz. If that’s so, you must first keep in mind that not all stores and sellers provide the free shipping option. Even then, there are ways you can get rid of the delivery charges.  

Method 1: Use Discount Code

May stores on Daraz offer you an option where you can get your shipping free of charge if you have a Discount Code. This opinion is not available on all the products you order. So if you have a discount code, you can use it the following way. 

  • Go to the Daraz website and navigate the product you want to order. 
  • When selected, place the order for that product. 
  • After choosing your parcel, you will be asked for a discount code if the store allows it. 
  • Enter the code and confirm the rest of the details. 

You will then receive free delivery on the product you ordered. 

Method 2: Choose the Pick-Up Option

There is an indirect way to choose if you want free shipping on Daraz. This method may not apply to all conditions, but you can still get free shipping, especially for orders placed nearby. 

  • Place your order for the products you want from Daraz using the Daraz official website. 
  • Instead of choosing delivery, choose the pick-up option.
  • Enter the address you want your order to pick from. 

Try to choose as closer a location as you can. It will help save your delivery charges. 

Choose a Better Product Using Pigma

Pigma is one of the best Daraz hunting tools using which you can choose a better product. As you know, millions of products are available online, and people often get dubious about what to choose. Pigna helps you select a better product through its exception hunting capacity if you are a seller or buyer. You can go the following way if you choose a product efficiently. 

  1. Go to the Daraz official website and get to the product you want to choose. 

2. Now right click on the product image and copy the link address it shows. 

3. Log in to your Pigma account and go to the “Add New Tracking” option from the main interface. 

4. In the “enter URL” section, enter the link address you just have copied and press “view details.” 

You will then be given complete detail of the buying and the selling of that particular product. Furthermore, the current sales and the sales the product attracted last month will also be shown. This way, you can choose a better outcome using Daraz as your shopping spot and Pigma as your product hunting tool. 

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