How to Chat on Daraz

How to Chat on Daraz


As the world is changing rapidly and people’s preferences are also diversifying, the demand for platforms for entertainment their desires has increased. The world of digital marketing has proliferated so quickly that within a decade, it has become as competitive as that of broadcast marketing. This way, many platforms providing the service have emerged. Daraz is one of them and is on the top of the list. In Pakistan, the name Daraz is also highlighted when people talk about digital marketing. The difference it has created in people’s lives is quite visible, and today, almost everyone turns to Daraz regarding digital marketing. 

Daraz Seller Center

When people choose Daraz for their marketing and business strategies, the prime section that welcomes them is Daraz Seller Center. Daraz Seller Center is the core, and those who market their products on Daraz are present. For marketing purposes, you must register yourself on Daraz as a seller. You will then be able to become a part of the seller community. You will receive the order and start selling your products across Pakistan. 

Live Chat Feature – Daraz

If you want to chat on Daraz, you must ensure that you have a Daraz seller account. Only then will you be able to respond to the customers who wish to approach you. Daraz seller center offers you an opportunity to chat with your customers. You need to keep a few things in mind. 

  1. The Live chats are available only within a specific time, i-e, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 
  2. You can have live chats only from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is the Funday!

If you are ready to avail this feature, here is how you can make use of it: 

  • Go to your Daraz seller account by adding your credentials and logging in. 
  • Once you reach your dashboard, navigate an option the “seller support. 
  • This is where you can find the “contact us” option. 
  • This option enables you to connect with your customers and solve their queries. 
  • Try to find an option called “Live Chat” once you tap it, you will b able to start a conversation with your customers. 

Successful selling with Pigma

Suppose you are interested in digital marketing and own a Daraz seller account. In that case, you must be wondering whether it is possible for you to do a successful business in less time than expected. Yes, it is possible. Pigam, a daraz hunting tool, helps you do that. A lot of enchanting features are provided by Pigma to its users. A few are mentioned below:

Better Product Hunting:

Being a Daraz seller, you first have to choose the products wisely before listing your products on the Daraz Seller account. Many products are available, but what makes your business successful is the most sales product. If you choose better, you can uplift your store’s success rapidly. For that, Pigma provides you with a few options you can take into account while hinting at a product: 

  1. You can check the total sales of a particular product using Pigma. 
  2. The current sale of the chosen product can also be detected. 
  3. You can calculate the profit you will likely get when you sell that particular product. 
  4. Furthermore, you can also change the prices to your choice and thus get a likely profit you are expected to attract. 

This way, Pigma provides you with a comprehensive platform, using which you can make your store and the selling successful. Pigma, being one of the most advanced and precise hunting tools, helps you reach your desired spot soon and makes your business on Daraz successful.


Daraz offers you to shop comfortably and helps you connect to the stores you have chosen for your shopping. For that, you can chat with the relevant store, the procedure for which is quite simple and easy. 

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