how to change daraz shop name

How to Change Daraz Shop Name


Being an interpreter in the work of digital marketing has got a different taste. After the COVID pandemic, digital marketing has made its way clearly, thus integrating rapidly into people’s lives. As the world has changed, many opportunities for those looking forward to getting a convenient marketing platform are enhanced. Of the many platforms introduced in this wake, Daraz is the one. Daraz provides you with an opportunity to open your store and start selling things there. It gives you the best options to consider while enhancing your overall marketing. 

Establish your Daraz Shop

To succeed in this realm of online marketing, you must take prudent steps. Daraz allows you to control everything about your show on your own. All you have to do is to open a seller account. You will be given access to all the professional features you can use to market your products effectively. You can list your products on Daraz, start getting orders and process them. This way, you can establish a Daraz shop and run it better. 

How to Change Daraz Shop Name

Sometimes, for any reason, you may want to review and change the name of your Daraz store, i-e, daraz seller username. If you want to change yours, the procedure is quite simple. You have to follow a few steps:

  1. Go to the Daraz Seller Center. 
  2. Once the interface is completely loaded, from the top of the Seller Center, tap your Daraz username. 
  3. Navigate the User Management and open the Manage Users page. 
  4. You can edit and change your Daraz shop name with seller access. 

This way, you can change the username of your daraz seller account. Your Daraz shop name will automatically be changed then. 

Make your Bussiness Successful with Pigma

Your Daraz shop would not serve you anything if you cannot work smartly. For that, you must list those products in your store. The selling ratio of which is the highest. Pigma, one of the best Daraz Product Hunting tools, helps you do that effectively. You can use Pigma.io to enhance your overall selling. It goes as: 

  • Pigma allows you to get the current selling ratio of the product you will list. 
  • It, then, helps calculate the monthly selling of the product entails. 
  • Knowing these essentials, you can choose whether to add a product to your store catalog. 
  • You can also calculate the profit you will likely get by adding the product you list. 

Pigma helps you choose a better product for your Daraz store. When you select products effectively, you can enhance your business influence more, making your overall marketing and business booming. 

Professionally hunt for Daraz products.

When you use Pigma for a better product hunt, the pathology for that is quite simple. You need to:

  1. Visit the product you want to add to your Product list via Daraz.com.
  2. Copy the link address of your product.
  3. Log in to your Pigma account and click on the “New Tracking” option. 
  4. You will be allowed to add the link address you just copied. 
  5. Paste it in the specified place and tap “View Product info.”

You will be given every minor detail you may need to make a prudent decision. After that, it is up to you whether to add it to your store or not. Pigma.io, this way, helps you make your decisions wisely. 


Hence, if you have a Daraz shop and want to run it effectively, you can get it done professionally using Pigma.io. Furthermore, when registered as a seller on Daraz, you can make amendments to your Daraz store credentials whenever possible. 

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