how to be a daraz seller

How to be a Daraz Seller


As the world dynamic has changed, a surge in the value of digital marketing has been observed. Traditionally, people used hand-to-hand tactics when they were to buy or sell anything. The internet has, however, ushered in a new era of web-based entertainment, the approaches toward marketing and business have also diversified. Many online platforms have been introduced which allow you to sell and buy products. Among them, a renowned one is Daraz, where you can sell your product efficiently and speedily. 

Daraz Seller Account:

Your first step if you desire to sell your products on Daraz is to open a Daraz seller account. As the name implies, the Daraz seller account provides you access to Daraz features which you may need to make your sale on Daraz successful. You will then be able to receive orders and can effectively deliver them. All you have to do is go for this seller account and register yourself there. 

How to become a Daraz seller

Being convenient and reliable, Daraz attracts so many sellers to itself. Many among you are thus wondering how to become a seller on Daraz. Well, the answer to this question is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is open a Daraz seller account. The chain of getting and delivering orders thus starts. So if you want to open a Daraz seller account, you need to take the following pathology:

  1. Create your Daraz Seller Account:

To start with, the primary tool you need is a Daraz seller account. All you can do to be a Daraz Seller is you need to first register yourself as a seller. For that, try opening a Daraz seller account. For that: 

Go to the website daraz.com

Register yourself there by adding your information. 

Confirm the actions and create your Daraz Seller account.

2. List your products on Daraz: 

When you successfully create a seller account, your second task is listing your products on Daraz. You may have already chosen what you will go to within your Daraz store. So start listing your products first. For that: 

Go to your Daraz seller account. 

From the settings, open “Products” and try to navigate the “Add Products” option. 

Once found, start adding your products to your account. They will then be termed as lost on Daraz.

3. Manage your orders and deliveries:

Once you have successfully listed your products, you will start receiving orders. All you can do to make your selling services successful is manage your orders well. Deliver your orders precisely, and the rest will be smooth.  

Improve your Daraz Selling Services:

If you are looking forward to selling successfully on Daraz, the procedure does not rest at orders and deliveries only. You must ensure that your services are exceptional, and people must choose your platform. For that, you need to improve your Daraz selling services. Here is something you can take into account while doing so. 

Pigma.io – Your Best Partner

Pigma.io is an essential marketing tool to make your sales efficient. It helps make your overall business pathology precise, thus making room for a streamlined flow. A successful business the one that starts with the best and the most acute products and essential. This is what Pigma.io help you with. Let’s see how it proceeds. 

Boost your Daraz sales with Pigma: 

As digital marketing is taking a prominent place in people’s lives, there are so many online sources one can adopt to get their desired products. This way, it will be hard for people to choose the best option. To enhance your sales on Daraz, you need to provide people with an authentic service with genuine products. Pigma.io helps you accomplish that. You can improve your business services effectively using our service. Using Pigma: 

You can choose the best products for your Daraz store. 

By availing of the feature Pigma provides, you can calculate the current selling statistics of a product before listing it on your Daraz account. 

It helps you eliminate worthless products effectively.

You can even calculate the profile you can get by adding a specific product to your Daraz basket. 

You can also calculate the profit you are likely to get by adding a specific product to your Daraz store. 

Get your Daraz Services Purified at Pigma.io:

If you want to enhance the service of your Daraz store and you want to avail Pigma.io for that, you need to follow a few steps to choose the best products for your store: 

Go to the website Daraz.com and choose the product you want to add to your Daraz Seller store. 

Once found, copy the Link address of that product on your clipboard. 

Log in to your Pigma.io account to know better about the product you have just chosen. 

On your Pigmna dashboard. Try to navigate the option “Enter Product URL.” paste the link address you just cooped for a particular Daraz product, and tap “View Product.”

You will be given a detailed note of what the product is and what was the current selling and buying status of the product. 

Keeping this information under consideration, you can then choose whether the product is suitable for your seller account or not. This way, Pigma, just at the start of your service, helps you purify your bucket list. 

It then helps you add the only most-sold products to your store, thus making your overall service worthy and successful. To just take a plunge. 


Thus, in order to sell products on Daraz, all you can do is register yourself as a seller there. Purgate your overall services by using Pigma. Io and choose the best products for your Daraz sale. This helps make your business successful on Daraz. Trying it will not disappoint you. 

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