How to add a product on Daraz

How to Add a Product on Daraz


Daraz is one of the mainly used online selling and buying platform. With the innovation in online marketing, the demand for more platforms serving this need has increased. For that, along with many emerging marketing stages, Daraz has brought forward its up-to-date and easy-to-use technology to help you sell and buy conveniently. You can open your online store on Daraz and start selling your products. It is that easy!

Best Online Selling Platform in Pakistan

Due to a surge in online business marketing, the demand for the platform providing this service has increased. Especially after the pandemic era, people have turned to online business markets to earn and sell. In Pakistan, this hype is nothing less than in other countries. To fill the cavity, Daraz has developed its most innovative technology to fulfill online marketing needs. Fetching its service, people can start their own small or massive businesses. They are thus backed up with a gigantic technical platform Daraz, and can market their products efficiently. 

Start Your Own Business on Daraz.

If you are also looking forward to starting an online business and are unsure where to start, you can consider Daraz. All you can do to open your online store at Daraz is to register a seller account first. This way, you will be able to get access to the feature necessary to seel on Daraz. You can thus successfully market your products on Daraz. 

How to Add a Product on Daraz

If you currently own a seller account on Daraz, associating with your online Daraz store, and you need to know how to add a product to your Daraz seller account, here is the help. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get your desired task completed. 

Step 1: open your Daraz Seller account. If you are currently not into it, log in to your account first. 

Step 2: from the home page, navigate the option “Products.” When found, tap the option for further does. 

Step 3 will lead you to another option from where you have to pick “Add Product.” 

Step 4: you will then be asked to add the product along with relevant details and descriptions. Once you have added all the data required, press the “submit” button. Your product will be added to your Daraz account. 

Daraz Product Hunting

If you have any experience using Daraz, you must have heard of Daraz product hunting. Product Hunting on Daraz means calculating the overall evaluation, ranking, and seeling of the specified product you have searched for. This hunting is possible through a renowned and powerful search tool, using which you can precisely go for the best of the products on Daraz. 

Product Hunting for Daraz through Pigma

Hunting the best products on Daraz is extremely important for successful selling. To track a Daraz product better and to make your sales successful, you need to learn which prerequisites must be fulfilled before doing that. Usually, to get a better calculation and evaluation of a product sale on Daraz, you need to access a reliable tool.

Pigma, one of the most reliable and up-to-date tools, helps you get the credentials ad accuracies of your choice. Based on the best innovative technology, you can hunt your products more precisely, thus enhancing the realm of your selling. Follow these steps to go there.

  • Go to the official website on daraz—this is where you will find the actual product. 
  • Now open the categories of all products available on Daraz.com. This will help you to get to your desired effect easily and quickly. 
  • When you have found your desired product, scroll through the product info page. On the right side of the page, you will find the “link address” for that specific product. Copy that link.

  • Now moves taught to pigma.io, enter your credential and log in to your account. 
  • Below the “dashboard option,” you will see another option, “Add New Tracking.” Click this option.

  • You will then be provided with an interface where you can do the actual product hunting. Paste the link address you have copied from Daraz in the box specifying the “enter Url’ option. 
  • When pasted, click on “view product info.”

You will then be able to track every piece of information regarding the product, including the total sales, current sales, creation time, stock, and action. This will help you track the best products on Daraz. You can add these products to your Daraz seller account, as specified in the procedure. 

Profit Calculation through Pigma

The profit you are expected to get from selling a specified product is the key to success on Daraz. Pigam, with all its exceptional technology, helps you calculate the outcome you desire to sell. Below the tracking option, you will find “Profit Cac]lcutor.” Click it to proceed further. 

The data you have just collected from tracking the product will help you calculate the profile. You would be asked to add the following:

  • Product selling price
  • Product landing price
  • Category
  • Province 
  • Shipping cost
  • Printing and packages
  • Sale unit

Once you have entered this data from the info you just have extracted from Pigma tracking, you will then be able to check the profit you are expected to get. Just below the net profit section, you can see whether the product you have viewed is better for sale or not. Furthermore, Pigma is embedded with recommendations, too. 


Hence, whether you are a professional seller or a newbie, you are supposed to select the best products and start selling them. This is one of the crucial steps you can take to make your online Daraz store successful. For that, you must consider using the Pigma tool, as it is embedded with all the essentials you will need for a successful hunt. 

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